If Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wanted to grow crops or a garden, all they would have to do is wave their magic wands and utter a few incantations.

It wasn’t that simple for Robert Joblin and his partner Ted Sniegocki, but the two Little Rock, Ark., businessmen are busy casting a spell over gardeners and others with Magic Dirt, an environmentally-friendly organic soil amendment produced using digested solids from patented DVO, Inc., anaerobic digesters.

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Magic Dirt™ may sound like the soil used by Jack to grow his beans, but it's actually an organic garden and potting mix developed as a sustainable alternative to peat moss. The sustainability factor comes from the product's production process, which involves the efficient conversion of manure into three valuable byproducts: biogas for electricity generation, a treated non-odorous liquid stream for crop fertilizer, and a clean, nutrient-rich biosolid that forms the main ingredient of Magic Dirt™.

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Magic Dirt™, an organic peat moss replacement and byproduct of DVO’s anaerobic digestion (AD) process, won the 2014 Bioproduct Innovation of the Year Award from the Bioproducts World Showcase and Conference.  Anaerobic digestion is a collection of processes by which naturally occurring microorganisms transform waste into valuable byproducts in a controlled, oxygen-free environment. DVO’s patented Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow™ anaerobic digester is unlike any other AD technology. Traditional anaerobic digestion technologies feature above-ground tanks and are inefficient and costly to build and operate.  

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